The International Center for Human Sciences was established in 1999 based an international convention signed between the Lebanese government and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The latter established an international institution dedicated to research and dialogue working under the auspices of the UNESCO and enjoying full academic freedom.
   The ICHS mission statement makes it primarily a multidisciplinary body devoted to research and documentation, which also contributes to the implementation of UNESCO’s democracy program, by mainly
organizing international dialogues on the future of democracy with academics, policy-makers, business leaders and journalists. These dialogues focus on democratic norms, values and principles and their relationship to the key issues of globalization and development.

The action of the Center also supports democracy in post-conflict societies by encouraging the promotion of democracy by local actors and through academic cooperation.   Moreover, the Center aims at training researchers and support them through research networks, in the name of the development of social and human sciences worldwide. ...

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Since 1999, the Center has managed to offer a variety of contributions to the Academic community in Lebanon and worldwide, by offering new avenues of reflection on contemporary problems such as conflict resolution and democracy.
As such, the ICHS regularly holds public lectures, academic discussions, book signings and international conferences, all of which can be browsed through in the “Activities” section of the website
   Since 2003, the ICHS published 23 publications from the Collection “Letters from Byblos”, as well as many other publications of reference on Culture and Democracy.   The Center also organizes its annual Byblos Autumn School, gathering PhD students and professors from Lebanese and foreign universities in order to discuss and study together a specific topic in social and human sciences before publishing their results and recommendations.

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