The International Center for Human Sciences was established in 1999 following an international convention signed between the Lebanese government and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The convention stipulates the establishment of an international institution dedicated to research and dialogue, working under the auspices of the UNESCO and enjoying a full academic freedom.

ICHS is a multidisciplinary establishment devoted to research and documentation, which also contributes to the implementation of UNESCO’s democracy program, mainly
through the organization of international dialogues addressing the future of democracy with the collaboration of academics, decision-makers, CEOs and journalists. These dialogue sessions generally focus on democratic norms, values and principles, as well as their relationship with the main issues of globalization and development. The Center's activities also support democracy in post-conflict societies by encouraging the promotion of democracy by local actors and through academic cooperation.

Moreover, the Center aims at training researchers and supporting them through research networks, in the name of the development of social and human sciences worldwide. For this reason, the Center focuses on studying all matters related to human sciences, in addition to a series of issues related to development, dialogue and culture of peace in the world. Thus, the Center’s ambition is to form a multidisciplinary pole of excellence in the areas of sociology, anthropology, history, philosophy, political science, economy, international law, religious sciences and human rights.

Furthermore, the Center devotes considerable efforts in the following topics:

- Education, Sciences and Technology.

- The relation of the human being with the environment.

- The coexistence of people from different cultures, languages and social systems.

- The study of ancient and modern civilizations.

- Promotion of peaceful relations between nations.

- Promotion of peace and security among human groups.

- Promotion of social integration and the values of tolerance and justice.

The International Center for Human Sciences also strongly relies on international cooperation in these fields, thanks to its team of qualified researchers and experts in order to achieve studies and researches compatible with the Center and UNESCO's objectives.

The Center primarily collaborates with Lebanese universities and faculties in the Arab region, along with other research centers and think tanks in the world.